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What People Are Saying:

"The information supplied to me from the DNA Diet was awesome. I felt great and had a new outlook on eating. Cruciferous vegetables are my new best friend! I thought I knew a lot about eating and food but you topped me up on my knowledge that was based on ‘me’ and I appreciated that"  -  Karen A (March, 2009 - completed program in 2007)

"Thank you for all your efforts. You were terrific!" - Jake J (June, 2010)

"I must tell you that I've never felt better and I feel like I got my life back!! ....You have made a profound and significant difference in my life. Thank you.  I'm so much healthier and I feel fantastic!  For the first time in more than 10 years my liver enzymes are within normal ranges!"

-Leesa W

“Thank you for your input and continued encouragement... I really appreciate it... my reactions to this process have been very revealing and are touching on some very deep wounds... expecting you to yell at me because I should be eating more vegetables ... but awareness is the first step in healing.” - JC

“My headaches have almost gone.  Thank you for all the tips and help you provided” - Christina

“My weight now is steady and doesn’t go up or down.  I have stopped eating ice cream and ketchup completely which is easier than I thought.”

Real People - Real DNA Diet Success Stories

Names have been changed to protect privacy

Ms. Stefano (Omega DNA Profile)
Age: 30
Sex: F
Height: 5’ 8 ”
Start weight: 194 lbs
BMI: 29.5 - 43.5% body fat (83.4 lbs)
BMR  1430 calories 
Waist 40"        

Ms. Stefano came to see me to lose weight, gain energy and because she wanted to improve her overall wellness by investigating potential food allergies and what foods her body would react well to.  She had read about the DNA Diet and was anxious to get started in finding out how her genetic profile might improve her health. 

After we received her results, Ms. Stefano wasn't surprised to learn that she fell into the Omega-3 category as she had responded to the question "Do you ever binge (eat more than you want in a short period of time)? If Yes, on what foods? with the answer: "yes, fatty  and salty foods such as chips". 

Ms. Stefano is an attractive Latina with Mexican heritage who loves food but fears that her body shape is too large and perhaps eventually her health is suffering as a result.  She has an office job with long hours, so she is mostly sedentary during the work week.

We talked about long term health goals and I prepared a weight loss menu for Ms. Omega that we adjusted when her DNA test results arrived. We needed to make sure that her fatty acid intake was balanced to offset her tendency to make more inflammatory than anti-inflammatory molecules regardless of what she ate.  In order to achieve this balance we had to work with her omega-3 fatty acids in the form of foods rich in natural anti-inflammatories including most berries, apricots, rosemary, oregano and basil.

The allergies that Ms. Stefano feared were causing her achiness and joint soreness were most likely due to her underlying tendencies to make more inflammatory chemicals which resulted in a more severe reaction to food items such as gluten.  For this reason I put her on a very low allergen program of amaranth as a grain source in place of corn and brown rice in place of wheat.  I also encouraged her to keep a journal of her aches and pains so she might link them to particular food items. 

After the first 6 week cycle of the weight loss program Ms. Stefano noticed that she had more energy and was able to exercise for longer periods without feeling sore the next day.  Her weight loss was remarkably easy and she was astonished at how few cravings she felt.  The one food I had banned in the beginning was cheese and this meant that many of her favorite dishes were out and so she soon lost the desire for nachos, chips and other high calorie items.

Ms. Stefano has found the DNA Diet very insightful and she is confident that her health will continue to improve and that her energy will stay high.

Ms. Stafano - After The DNA Diet
Goal Weight: 150 lbs Goal Waist 34 inches
Acheived Weight: 158 lbs Achieved Waist 36 inches
Overal Achievement: 33 pounds of fat lost and 4 inches around the waist