Precision Nutrition 

Precision nutrition means integrating genetic and genomic data to enhance and complement your health care.  Nutrition advice needs to precise to be of real value.
Carolyn provides smart, informed and relevant advice.
Integration of 23andme or other genome wide test results with your own Variants of Potential Significance (VPS) for simple, color-coded, practical recommendations.

Concierge Nutrition

Include Carolyn in your health care team.  

Fee Schedule
Initial Consultation and Carolyn's The DNA Diet report  $800

  • Evaluation of personal and family health data

  • Integration with current health status

  • Goals identified

  • Clear steps for attaining goals provided in writing with color coded steps for easy attainment

  • Follow up visits @ $300 per hour




“Carolyn's insights provided me with the knowledge about my metabolism that allowed me to make significant improvements to my fitness.”

Brian M.  

“Carolyn has a wealth of knowledge.  She was my savior and showed me the way to a better quality of life.  Don't wait and just go to her.. and make sure to tell your friends too!”

Mason S.