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Food ideas that work for YOU

Precision Nutrition 

Precision Nutrition is here! Genetic testing of your germline (who you are) and your microbiome (what you eat) is now available.  We help you integrate Variants of Potential Significance (VPS) from your test data combined with a questionnaire to guide your choice of foods, exercise type and therapies that suit you and optimize your wellness.

This is a new dimension of health data.  Carolyn has extensive experience in how this information provides actionable knowledge for you.  She has worked with thousands of individuals helping them to understand and integrate genetic information into health choices.  Carolyn's intention is to inspire and inform you so you may be at your best.

Each individual is empowered by this knowledge.  Our goal is to optimize your therapies with precision guidance.  Consultations are confidential and your data is never shared without your written permission.  Contact to set up an appointment or if you would like to order DNA testing.

If you already have genetic data, e.g. from 23andme, Carolyn is available by appointment to provide action steps for your optimal health.  

Secure virtual or in person visits available by appointment.

Services Available:

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