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Providing Actionable Knowledge about your Genes and your Health

Genes were once thought of as the “parts list” for our bodies.  Now we understand that these instructions for how our body works are not fixed at conception but are highly dynamic responding to our inner and outer environment.

For a healthy diet we need to understand about who we are at the molecular level (our genes) and what has happened to us (our lives). 

With this knowledge we can begin to craft a way to eat and live that helps us attain a healthy weight that is easy to maintain.

As we learn more about genomics it becomes clear that we are not simply our DNA; we are impacted by our environment, the food we eat and the choices we make.  We live in a state of dynamic equilibrium or put more simply both who and what we are is constantly in flux.  Our program is designed to help you delve deep into who you are with a goal of being at your best each day.

If you have completed a genome wide scan or have previous health related genetic test results available these will be incorporated into your DNA Diet profile along with other data provided by questionnaires and personal consultations. .

DNA Molecule

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