We welcome any question you may have.

All information is kept completely confidential. Any "actionable" genetic test results you may share are maintained in a password protected and secure manner and all appropriate legal disclosures and confidentiality documents are signed by all parties involved. At no time is any of the information shared with other individuals or organizations without your express written approval.

Can you explain what the pie chart means that was emailed to me?

The 48 questions that led to the development of the pie chart were formulated by analyzing the genetic profiles of thousands of DNA tests. The questions were created using a combination of both lifestyle and genetic information. There are some things you can change and some that you cannot. For example, you can’t change your birth weight but you can change whether you skip meals or not. <<read more>>

Are you selling supplements tailored to my results?

No, we don't sell supplements however we may make recommendations for you to include some selected nutrients and list foods that contain these nutrients as well as a few products that you may then choose to purchase for yourself.  In general our approach is food based.

What is the best DNA Diet choice for me?

We have two different options for you; become a member of our site and stay current with all the latest genomic information and how this may help you to stay healthy. The second choice is a six week self knowledge weight loss program. This program may be repeated at any time. There is a structure to each week including food and emotion diaries, questionnaires and learning opportunities.
We suggest you make your decision based on your current health goal values. If weight is an important and urgent goal then the six week program is for you. If long term health is your goal then you may decide to become a member and consider the six week program at another time

What is included?

Personalized recommendations including weekly menu plan, recipes and supplement suggestions. Review of "actionable" genes/genetic patterns involved in metabolism. Questionnaire at and genetic test results required for this program. Genetic test results must be provided by a separate and independent CLIA laboratory for example 23andMe. Carolyn's The DNA Diet is based on proprietary algorithms and provides life long suggestions for optimizing your health and weight.  This program has helped people lose and maintain their weight for up to five years.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Reasonable refunds may be negotiated however there is no money back guarantee at this time.