Carolyn's The DNA Diet®

DNA Diet Goals

Our goal is for you to improve your food selections and select naturally attractive foods within your DNA group that will result in a state of health, balance and wellbeing.

Understand Your DNA

Carolyn’s The DNA Diet® is a simple way to help you to understand how your DNA works within your body and how you can improve your molecular health profile and make your DNA work for YOU.

Just the Beginning

We are only just really beginning to understand the practical applications of this new science called nutrigenomics (DNA nutrition) but this program is a first step and you are right there with us at the beginning of this new era of personalized health.

Your DNA Make Up

Family history works with your DNA to make up who we are and how we behave, along with what we consume.

Knowledge is Power

There is nothing more powerfully healthy for you than living a life free of tobacco, putting on your seat belt and learning how to handle your stress including using regular exercise and getting restful sleep each night. This helps maintain healthy DNA.

Build on Knowledge

Carolyn’s DNA Diet® builds on these lifestyle practices to help you identify food choices that are attractive to you, reduce your temptations to other types of foods and strengthen your resilience.

Your Genes and Your Family

Your family health history affects your personal health as well as your lifestyle practices.  Your own DNA may be designed to help you resist some diseases while it may not be as strong at fighting off other conditions. Use the results of our proprietary queestionnaire to help guide you with your health and wellness choices. In addition through learning more about your own health indicators, you can be more prepared to take the driver’s seat and start creating appropriately healthy meal plans and incorporating lifestyle changes that will help you feel your best more often.

Moving Beyond the Obvious

Move beyond your obvious health target points such as adapting an appropriate physical activity regimen, stopping smoking (if applicable), cutting back drinking alcohol (if applicable) and eating more fruits and vegetables and learn about which of the DNA Diet focused program is best suited to you.

Building Health Practices

Carolyn’s The DNA Diet® builds upon the simple health practices and goes much further to help you to identify food choices that not only are DNA magnet foods for your particular profile, but also ones that are physically attractive to you, reduce your temptations to other types of foods and help you to strengthen your resilience.


Ten reasons in favor of using The DNA Diet and how this system is different from other diet programs:

1. This is about who you are, how you feel, what foods you like (and/or crave) and how you react to food: This is personlized nutrition.

2. The program is also a recognition of our biochemical individuality (Roger Williams was an early pioneer of this) and how we all respond to food in different ways.

3. The book currently in press will offer more tools to help you work within classify the one of the three major focused programs to balance feelings, cravings and feelings. 

4. Key questionsare ideally revisited regularly to ensure a healthy balance along with up to date evaluations and results. Complete the questionnaire at least once a quarter and see how your score improves with these insights..

5. Carolyn’s The DNA Diet explains why you are so much more than just your DNA but also how DNA does help guide insights.

6. From the moment of conception you and your environment interact and modify each other. You are unique - let our program help identify your DNA Diet focus.

7. Carolyn's The DNA Diet is a lifelong approach that may be applied and updated in a cyclical fashion depending on our age, external factors like stress and illnesses. Think of seasons, life cycles and how our environment affects how we feel. With this empowering program you feel confident you are using the latest knowledge to personalize your proactive choices. 

8. If you are going somewhere, wouldn't it be nice to know in advance as much as you can about your destination– what the roads are like, what the food is like and if there are any dangers to watch out for?

9. Carolyn’s The DNA Diet is like a friendly tour guide helping you to understand your own inner universe.

10. You can always afford to give your body what it needs.

Personalized Nutrition

Your personalized DNA Diet® includes specific recipes tailored for you made up of foods from your genetic profile and questionnaire responses. Your consultation integrates this information for you with your current health status and also provides useful knowledge to share with your health care team.

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Personalized Nutrition through DNA

Carolyn uses current genetic knowledge to improve on her proven diet successes. She integrates knowledge from your DNA of selected "actionable genes" to determine which diet program best suits you. Your nutrition and lifestyle program is optimized with this program. Carolyn provides you with information that will assist you in reducing your risk of developing common chronic diseases. This program may recommend dietary supplements but it is not affiliated with any supplement company

  • Heart health and lipid metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammation
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Antioxidant activity

Contact Carolyn at to learn how to get your own Carolyn's The DNA Diet® Action Plan today. If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes or cancer, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about your own molecular identity. Perhaps you don't have access to full medical family history or are adopted. If so, this information becomes even more important to you and your family.

Carolyn's The DNA Diet® is designed to optimize your health and help you to improve your performance. If you wish to lose inches around your waist there is an optional add-on component for lifelong weight reduction.


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Carolyn Katzin MS, CNS, MNT

Carolyn Katzin is a nutritionist with twenty-five years of experience. Eduated at UCLA's School of Public Health and King's College, London University in her native UK, Carolyn's expertise includes the emerging field of nutritional genetics or Nutrigenomics. Her graduate degree involved research into this discipline.

Carolyn is a lead volunteer with the American Cancer Society. She is a member of the national nutrition, physical activity and cancer control advisory group and a member (immediate past Chair)of the California Division Board. Her work with cancer patients began in 1985 at The Wellness Community (now Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center)in Santa Monica and she remains on the professional advisory board.

Her practice now includes a review of nutritionally relevant genetic variations to provide the latest in personalized diet advice. Carolyn's book The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook is available in Our Store. This is an invaluable guide for cancer patients and their families offering specific nutritional advice and in its fourth edition. Now also available in e-format