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Personalized nutrition webinar

Good overview of Molecular Nutrition and Personalized Nutrition from one of the leaders of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Purple-Blue and Health

Purple-blue fruits and vegetables such as black raspberries are rich in anthocyanins and provide health benefits. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that affects many Americans who have waists that exceed half their height. From the NHANES telephone survey results researchers have found that those who eat plenty of the purple-blue produce have a lower risk of having metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is having 3 or more of the following – being overweight (BMI >25), having a waist that exceeds 35 inches for women, 39 for men, having elevated plasma cholesterol levels, having high blood pressure. If a cup of berries each day would reduce that risk then it’s surely worth it! Check out my store for a great way to boost your berry intake
Source: Am J Lifestyle Med. 2011;5(3):279-290.