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The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook is now available!

The expanded 4th edition of my handbook is now available on my site or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The cover features black and red raspberries as well as other beneficial fruit with cancer fighting properties. The bigger size of this edition features over 100 specific chemotherapy drugs and nutritional advice. The layout now has each recipe with its own page making it easier to use.
I look forward to your feedback

Personalized nutrition webinar

Good overview of Molecular Nutrition and Personalized Nutrition from one of the leaders of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Purple-Blue and Health

Purple-blue fruits and vegetables such as black raspberries are rich in anthocyanins and provide health benefits. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that affects many Americans who have waists that exceed half their height. From the NHANES telephone survey results researchers have found that those who eat plenty of the purple-blue produce have a lower risk of having metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is having 3 or more of the following – being overweight (BMI >25), having a waist that exceeds 35 inches for women, 39 for men, having elevated plasma cholesterol levels, having high blood pressure. If a cup of berries each day would reduce that risk then it’s surely worth it! Check out my store for a great way to boost your berry intake
Source: Am J Lifestyle Med. 2011;5(3):279-290.

Aspartame to blame?

At annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association research presented that dieters who drank 2 or more diet sodas containing aspartame were 6 times more likely to have abdominal adiposity (belly fat) known to be associated with both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Is this a chicken or egg situation? Do dieters select diet sodas before or after they get fat? Some suggestion that blood sugar levels are affected by aspartame provided by study using diabetes prone mice. Ironically, on the American Diabetes website they recommend diet sodas!

Food to share

Great idea to share your healthy food with others. Lauren Walters is co-founder and CEO of Two Degrees Food, a company with a smart idea of sharing healthy food bars. She will speak at the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival this year.

All things berries

Looking forward to attending the berry meeting on Monday in Westlake Village. Berries are full of health benefits especially black raspberries and blueberries.

Why would you see a nutritionist?

I believe my services offer practical insights to help you optimize your health. I’m not judgmental, I am patient, compassionate and kind. Over the past twenty-three years I have been blessed to have worked with wonderful people. Some have been faced with a cancer diagnosis and many want to stay as healthy as they can without sacrificing the pleasure of good food. One hour may make a big difference in your life – why not give it a try? I promise I won’t prod or poke you! or 310.471.0529

Your Plate

What size plate? What about combined foods like spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce? These are my first thoughts as I look at the new simple graphic for “My Plate” display for our food guidance unveiled this week by USDA. I think it is an improvement on the pyramid and perhaps the personalized and interactive nature of the approach will be helpful.

Apple a Day

Ursolic acid is a natural compound found in apple peel may be one reason why an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away. Ursolic acid is found in apples, pears and prunes and may be important in programmed cell death or apoptosis and cancer prevention. New research also suggests that it may help maintain muscle mass.

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Why Your Health Matters

There are few things more crucial to enjoying a happy and productive life than good health. Some of us are blessed with good genes while others have to work hard to do the best we can with the hand we are dealt. My goal with The DNA Diet is to help you feel the best you can and focus on making small changes with large impacts. Check out my questionnaire which takes a very short time and will guide you to which diet to follow. By signing up as a member you have access to tips and hints, menus, recipes and much more.
Be well!