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Warning about Potential for Intestinal Blockage by Juicing Whole Citrus Fruit!

Today I had a patient who had recently been admitted to hospital with a painful and frightening intestinal blockage. I delved and learned that she had been juicing vegetables and adding one or two whole lemons and sometimes a whole orange to the juicer. I was telling a colleague who had suffered the same experience although didn’t have to be actually admitted to the hospital and realized he had also juiced two lemons the day before. Please be aware that bezoars (the technical word for a mass that forms and can block the intestinal tract) can form from the white pith of citrus fruit.  These are sometimes called phytobezoars to distinguish them as having a plant origin.  You need a separate citrus juicer to avoid this happening!  Please pass this information on – it is especially relevant for anyone who has previous gastric surgery.

See a full report – Bezoars and orange pith Report

The value of smart health assessment

Despite high hopes of genome wide assessment studies providing useful knowledge the results have been disappointing to say the least. Except for rare genetic variations the chronic diseases that are amenable to diet change are elusive using this technique alone. That is why it takes a validated questionnaire format to determine family health history and current health status to make meaningful recommendations. Please visit and answer the questionnaire to receive your free recommendations.

Is Polluted Air a trigger for Obesity?

Stress of many types appears to be linked to obesity apparently due to its link with inflammation.  Researchers at Ohio State University have identified another source of obesity related stress as polluted air.   Mice exposed to particulate air polution (seven times higher than typical ambient air in Columbus, OH) gained weight whether they were on a normal diet or a high fat diet.   A study investigating the link of polluted air early in life with overweight and obesity looked at mice over a period matching childhood in humans.  The mice also developed insulin resistance and had higher levels of a marker of inflammation TNF-alpha. Pollution may act as a trigger for obesity like other stressors. If so, this may be yet another reason why moving to urban areas is associated with weight gain.

Source:  Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, Dec 2010; 30: 2518 – 2527