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Carolyn Katzin

Creator of Carolyn's The DNA Diet ®


Carolyn's fascination with genetics includes decades of research and education.  Her original research at UCLA included familial retinal degeneration patterns and diet.  Her education includes certification in nutrigenomics from UC Davis.  In 2017, she received a Professional Certificate in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford.  These courses included "Fundamentals of Genetics: The Genetics You Need to Know", "Personal Genomics and Your Health". "Genomics and the Other Omics: The Comprehensive Essentials", "Understanding Cancer at the Genetic Level" and "New Frontiers in Cancer Genomics".


She attended the First Nutrigenomics conference in Singapore.  She maintains a global and current perspective on this new field of health science.  Each year she attends the " Future of Genomic Medicine" at Scripps now renamed "The Future of Individualized Medicine".  

Carolyn shares her passion for health.  Her goal is to inform, inspire and uplift you with her insights and precision nutrition recommendations.

60 minutes of Carolyn's expertise may provide you and your loved ones with a lifetime of improved health.  

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